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Air Filter

Selling Low Price Air Filters in Jakarta. FRL stands for Filter, Regulator and Lubricator. This filter serves to filter the quality of pressurized air flowing into the actuator, while the regulator serves to regulate the amount of compressed air that will flow so that the amount of air pressure going to the actuator is in accordance with the design. Which is usually found in pneumatic system installations where the lubricator functions for lubrication into the actuator so that it is able to expedite the movement of the actuator and also to prevent the actuator components from moving and rubbing so as not to wear out quickly and is usually enough to use oil that is not too concentrated. If we observe the shape of the filter in pneumatic because it has filter properties there is usually a part of the filter housing always filled with water and this must be diligently disposed of / drained so that the quality of air flowing into the actuator does not contain water.
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